Conditional Sentences ( Tugas 1)

A conditional sentence describes the condition that is necessary for a particular result to occur. The conjunctions if, even if, when, whenever, whether, and unless often appear in conditional sentences.  The meaning of a conditional sentence determines which verb tenses needs to be used in the independent and subordinate clauses.

1.     Type I: true in the present time

Function : untuk mengungkapkan rencana (plan), nasehat (advice),  atau suatu kemungkinan (possibility/probability).

Pattern : IF + S + Present Tense, S + Future Tense

Example : If I have a lot of money, I will buy a new shoes.

Fact : I don’t buy a new shoes, cause I don’t have a lot of money.

2.     Type II: untrue in the present time

Function : untuk mengungkapkan khayalan (imagination) atau angan-angan belaka.

Pattern : If + S + Past Tense, S + Past Future

Example : If you came home earlier, I would make you a cake.

Fact : You don’t come home earlier, So I don’t make a cake for you.

3.     Type III: untrue in the past time

Function : untuk mengungkapkan penyesalan (regret) tentang suatu hal, atau persoalan yang terlanjur terjadi di masa lalu.

Pattern : If + s + Past Perfect, S + Future Past Perfect

Example : If I had slept enough last night, I would have feel  fresh this morning.

Fact : You didn’t sleep enough, so you didn’t feel fresh.


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